About Us

Despite all the online tools, running a small business is still deviously complicated.

80% of the work of any project take 20% of the time, and that the last 20% of the work takes up 80% of the time.

Quick and easy websites and ecommerce shops are everywhere. Trying to stand out can end up being prohibitively expensive, or very complicated.

And if you don't have the time or the technical chops to create an online experience that goes beyond what others are doing, running a successful business can be especially frustrating.

At Cobworks, we help small businesses take their online presence to the next level. We offer customized services based on your needs. From crowdfunding your next idea, to hosting and maintaining your website and all the premium plugins and customizations that make it stand out.

We think that your online presence should be part of a lead funnel. We'd love to chat with you about that.

We are a close-knit network of nerds who've been through the startup trenches and have decades of experience doing graphic design, SEO, software development, product management, CPC ads, email marketing, web design, crowdfunding, copywriting, ecommerce management, and hosting.

Maybe we can help you?
It's free to find out.

Hope to talk to you soon,
Jason Spitkoski